Located in the northern region of the well-known spring city, Ji'nan, the Second Hospital of Shandong University is a comprehensive health science center that integrates medical services, education, scientific research, prophylaxis, and health care. It is affiliated with the century-old Shandong University and is the first Grade 3A hospital (hospitals in mainland China are categorized into three grades which respectively consist of two classes, A and B; Grade 3A hospitals are at the top level) in China that meets this new grade ranking criteria. The Second Hospital of Shandong University was established by the former Ministry of Health and based on the former Shandong Medical University (formerly the Medical School of the Shantung Christian University established in 1864) in 1986 and began providing medical services on May 18, 1997. Supported by a long history of values, the hospital has high-reaching objectives and inherits the legacy of "providing liberal relief to the masses and seeking the truth with endless wisdom".
With painstaking efforts, generations of professionals at the Second Hospital of Shandong University have been dedicated to making innovations and pursuing excellence in medical reform. With the wellness of the public in mind and focus on facilitating local medical development, they have expanded the hospital into a general medical center in Shandong province and the surrounding areas.

Superior technologies: The Second Hospital of Shandong University is a leader in Shandong and China offering many innovative technologies including minimally invasive treatments for gynecologic tumors, urinary tract neoplasms and thoracic diseases; diagnosis and treatments for breast tumors, radiation oncology, health management, contagious liver disease treatments, digestive endoscopy, kidney transplantation, surgical treatments for limb and joint diseases, intraocular lens implantation for cataract, extremely underweight premature baby treatments, pediatric surgery, obstetrics, and cochlear implant. Neurology, urology, and minimally invasive surgery are the three most advantageous academic program areas at the Second Hospital of Shandong University.

Key specialties: The Second Hospital of Shandong University houses 61 clinical medical departments, including 3 national major clinical departments (urology, nephrology, and clinical nursing science), 14 provincial major clinical departments (child medicine, emergency department, obstetrics, orthopaedics, cardiovascular medicine, gastroenterology, endocrinology, gynecology, general surgery, neurosurgery, rehabilitation, neurology, ophthalmology, and thoracic surgery), 6 provincial key disciplines backed by Shandong University (internal medicine, surgery, otorhinolaryngology, imaging and nuclear medicine, clinical stomatology, and nursing), and 5 provincial key medicine & health departments (urology, nephrology, neurosurgery, neurology, and kidney transplantation).

Key laboratories/scientific research platforms: The Second Hospital of Shandong University owns 1 key laboratory of Shandong Province (Shandong Province Key Laboratory of Regenerative Nephrology), 4 key laboratories of Shandong Province in medicine & health (hematology, medical molecular hepatology, renal disease, vascular physiology and treatment), 3 key laboratories in universities of Shandong 12th five-year plan (Renal Tissue Engineering Lab, Translational Medicine Lab for Degenerative Neurological Disorder, and Digestive Cancer Lab), 1 Shandong University-Karolinska Institute Collaborative Laboratory for Stem Cell Research (the first official collaborative laboratory of the Karolinska Institute in China), 1 health scientific and technological innovation alliance of the 12th five-year plan of Shandong, 1 clinical research center for the strategic scientific leading project of stem cell and regenerative research, and 9 Shandong University research organizations (Shandong University Urology Research Institute, Shandong University Hematology & Oncology Biotherapy Research Center, Shandong University Tissue Research Center, Shandong University Neurology Research Center, Shandong University Renal Disease Research Center, Shandong University Ophthalmology Center, Shandong University Human Organ Regeneration Research Academy, Shandong University Ankle Surgery Center, and Shandong University Pulmonary Disease Research Center).

Talents: The Second Hospital of Shandong University now has a total of 2260 medical personnel: 4 are Taishan Scholars, 7 enjoy the special government allowances of the State Council, and 525 hold a position in national and provincial institutes and societies.
Teaching: The Second Hospital of Shandong University employs 29 doctoral supervisors, 68 postgraduate supervisors, 18 disciplines authorized to offer doctoral degrees, and the disciplines authorized to offer master's degrees cover 18 second-level disciplines and 31 third-level disciplines. As the school of clinical medicine at Shandong University, it provides the clinical theory teaching, clinical practice, and internship teaching for over 10 medical colleges and universities. With more than 300 trainees, it is also one of the first steps in standardized resident training and provides standardized training for the residents of grassroots medicine & health organizations.
Scientific research capability: The hospital takes pride in the development strategy of building an excellent hospital using science and technology, and has become one of the top hospitals regarding comprehensive research capability and strength in Shandong. The Second Hospital of Shandong University is becoming increasingly capable in pursuing significant scientific research projects. Since 2004, it has obtained a total of 516 research funds amounting to CNY 60.44 million and 320 SCI papers have been released. It has also undertaken 1 sub-topic of the 973 Program, 1 sub-topic of the National Science and Technology Major Project during the 11th five-year plan, 1 pre-project of the 973 Program, and 5 key clinical projects of the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China, and obtained over 200 scientific achievement awards at various levels. The fund for the modification and deployment of the standards for benign breast diseases diagnosis and treatments in 2014 cost CNY10 million.

Medical equipment: With the most advanced 3.0 magnetic resonance equipment, Perfexion, PET-CT and Discovery CT750 HD as well as the latest Discovery IGS 730 and linear accelerator, the Second Hospital of Shandong University is one of the best equipped hospitals in China.

Service: The Second Hospital of Shandong University has brought forth new ideas in service and is committed to bearing social responsibility. With profound benevolence, all hospital staff has been dedicated to building a trustworthy hospital for both the government and common people. It sticks to the people-oriented principle - it is one of the first groups of National High-Quality Nursing Hospitals and won the gold award of the National Nursing Skill Competition. The hospital makes every effort to cultivate medical ethics - it is the first hospital in Shandong that promises to accept no red packets (bribes). It is proactive in assuming social responsibility - during the Wenchuan Earthquake, it was the first hospital that provided medical care for the victims in Shandong. The hospital is willing to innovate its service model - it is the first to advocate the concept of health management in Shandong.

International communication and cooperation: The Second Hospital of Shandong University is open to international communication and cooperation. It has entered into communication and cooperation agreements with medical and research institutes in Sweden, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, etc.

Hospital vision: To build a specialized, nationally top-ranking, and internationally well-known medical center.
Hospital tenet: Serve people's health wholeheartedly.
Hospital mission: Cure patients with severe illness and cultivate excellent medical talents
Perform clinical research and promote physical and mental health
Hospital motto: Pursue perfection with morality; protect life with talents

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